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Ensuring Access To Your Data, Everywhere.

Having developed a stack of patented compression and replication technologies, iOra can compress data by up to 99.9% and thus make communications over these wireless connections a fast and affordable reality.

Delivering Information Over Challenging Networks

IOra Is A Successful Independent Software Vendor That Operates At An Enterprise Level, Particularly In The Global Defense Market.

What makes us unique is our guarantee to deliver critical information in parts of the world where connectivity is sporadic and inconsistent. iOra ensures that no concerns remain by getting vital information to international teams wherever and whenever.


IOra’s Products Replicate Data Between Microsoft SharePoint Servers, Or By Creating Virtualised Servers Or Web Applications.

iOra’s technology has been deployed on tens of thousands of machines by our customers. This end-point protection software can deliver data over bandwidths as low as 8 kbps. This results in providing access to data for remote users who are forced to connect over challenging networks.


IOra Geo-Replicator®

Data Replication

Our patented data replication technology means we deliver guaranteed access to operation-critical information 24/7 across challenging and unreliable networks in some of the most hostile and remote locations in the world. Used by Governments, Defence, Oil and Gas, Commercial Maritime and Mining organizations across the globe, we are proven to reduce the time to replicate large quantities of data from a day to a matter of hours.

Data Monitoring

IiOra Geo-Replicator monitoring provides a tool for reporting on the health and status of iOra Geo-Replicator systems. The iOra Geo-Replicator Monitor user interface can be used by anyone to determine the status of deployed replication. A drill down capability is available for technical engineers to directly support deployment and troubleshooting activities.

About The Company

Globally Trusted Solutions

They have built their reputation as the industry standard for the replication and compression of information across challenged and unreliable networks, and providing end-point security for all transmitted data. They are entrusted by various organizations, and the military, to move terabytes of data to and from Navy fleets, globally dispersed Armies, Mission Headquarters, Commercial Maritime Operations, Oil & Gas companies and other global operating companies 24/7, 365.


IOra Epsilon®

Data Compression

Irrespective of the network connection speed, it is crucial to minimize data to a fraction of its original size to send over any network to execute a phase of replication. Compression of updates is particularly important where the network connection is challenging or where the end user is operating at the edge of the corporate network. Our unique Epsilon® technology compresses data by up to 99.9%.

Backup Solutions For Companies & Organizations

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