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Beachhead’s Management System

Beachhead Solutions, Inc. Is Privately Held & Funded, Incorporated In Delaware USA In 2004.

Beachhead first developed core technology for creating data protection systems in cases of hardware loss primarily for the United States Army back in 2002 for novel ways of securing sensitive military data on lost PDAs and other devices. Beachhead Solutions was formed to bring the military technology to a commercial audience. In 2008 and 2009, Beachhead obtained three United States patents for the company's system and method for lost data destruction (LDD) of electronic data stored on portable electronic devices which has evolved over the past decade to become BeachheadSecure™ - which is a cloud encryption software, that is trusted and used on hundreds of thousands of both company and employee-owned devices today. Beachhead Solutions addresses the gap in mobile cloud encryption and device security for small-to-medium-size businesses, a segment of the market where many organizations simply operate with no cloud-based security solution at all.


Customizable reporting of status and device risks/conditions

Remote enforcement of password and security policy

Full encryption of all sensitive data on the devices

Immediate data access elimination with instant, administrator-enabled remote restoration

Complete data wipe capability when devices are stolen

Broad range of both administrator-enabled and automatic security responses to threat conditions

RISKRESPONDER™ : The automated sentinel responds in predetermined ways to any environmental or behavioral risk that exceeds pre-set thresholds

Kill/Quarantine– Quarantine or kill data on remote devices when at risk.

The Management System

Remotely Secure Vulnerable Devices

BeachheadSecure™ cloud encryption software enables Data Encryption & Access Control on any employee-used device. The BeachheadSecure™ Management System is a single, configurable, web-based management tool allowing you to remotely secure the vulnerable mobile devices in your organization, including those devices owned by employees.

Versatile Compatibility & Security

BeachheadSecure cloud encryption software is built to be compatible with iPhone and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows and Mac PCs, and USB storage. SimplySecure modules can be added instantaneously to your account/web console as you need them.

Easy & Efficient Maintenance

This cloud-based security solution is designed to be easy enough for an IT staff of one to deploy and manage, and is transparent to users to promote maximum employee productivity. This innovative approach to cloud encryption and device security dispels the reputation earned by other products in the market. Since it is a service, the system can grow incrementally as you add different devices. Plus, there’s never a need to buy any additional hardware or software to manage your security.

Here’s What Our MSPs Say About Us

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