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Benefits Of The Solutions

6 million users can’t be wrong. They have reduced 25% to 30% of their power consumption on their IT devices using this cloud asset management software solution, which has 7 international patents and is one of its kind in the world.

It Is Available In Two Versions: Enterprise And Personal.

Increase in Battery Backup by up-to 30%

Big 5 Audited Software Energy Metering

Energy Analytics & Reporting

Sustainability Analytics & Reporting

Customizable dashboards and reports

Green Hardware Identification & Diagnostics

Static & Dynamic Group wise power policies

Rule engine driven power policies

Application sensors for non-intrusive energy savings

Job & Task Scheduling at node level



Benefits Of The Solutions

IPM+ is a solution with asset inventory discovery, lifecycle and cost management, hardware health management and alerts. It keeps all servers and workstations patched and updated with the latest security updates, and a whole lot more. Remote remediation and healing platform helps maintain your PCs operational efficiency. It works with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, as well as many third party applications.

Implement A Strategic & Comprehensive Patch Management Of Endpoints Along With Standard Asset Management From IPM+.

Hardware Health Management & Alerts

Effective Patch Management helps businesses improve their vulnerability management by proactively removing potential weaknesses in their software.

Patching for all remote locations can be managed centrally using a central management Server - ON PREM and CLOUD mode of deployment

Enterprise active directory integrations

Deploy and manage centrally both 3rd-party applications and Microsoft patches.

Patching over low-speed connections at remote sites by advanced bandwidth throttling capabilities

Ability to patch Work from Home systems via low bandwidth home networks

Support users connecting through VPN and internet-connected users.

Reporting patch error rate centrally for all devices, Ability to pause and resume specific patches based on error rates

Real-time update of critical patches

Support patching based on extremely flexible customized criteria for selecting endpoints work anywhere. Ability to even group nodes based on custom SQL online (for power users)

Easy-to-use and powerful reporting options to determine the status of patches and demonstrate to auditors on systems patching and compliance, Create custom reports and dashboards on the fly

Support both on-premise and cloud-based Server

Hybrid patching for large patches. (Use patch console on cloud to configure patches but host patch files in local intranet to pull locally (instead of cloud) (Currently under development- coming in upcoming versions)

Web crawled patch repository of all common application patches including approval workflow for those patches (Currently under development- coming in upcoming versions)

Remote Remediation and Healing platform helps you to improve operational performance of your PC by scheduling optimization activities such as Browser Cookie and System Temp Files Clean-up, Defragmentation, Restore Point, Repair Corrupt Files, Flush DNS entries etc.

Standard Asset Management Package + Inventory, Lifecycle & Cost Management.

  • Automated Inventory, Life Cycle & Cost Management

  • Hardware Health Management & Alerts

  • HW Component Level Change Control and reporting

  • SW License Management & Usage Metering, Black & White Listing

  • Monitor Applications, Files and Registries for changes

  • Security Health of endpoints - AV, Firewall etc.

  • Performance & Utilization analytics and alerting

  • Remote remediation & healing, Critical Real Time Remediation

  • Printer, Paper & Cartridge management & analytics

  • Custom dashboards and reporting


The IPM+ employee Productivity Management Solution will help you regain control and enhance your employee productivity to a new level.

Define employee productivity goals and get to know who exceeded and who fell short of it.

Report productivity based on the usage of productive and non-productive apps.

Perform Al enabled screen capturing & liveliness monitoring when productivity fails below goals.

Compare ma gers based on their team productivity.

Track employee login and logout details.

Monitor web sites visited by your employees and time spent.

Compare organizational productivity month-on-month.

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