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Top Certified Secure Data Wiping Solution

Safely and securely wipe your data with our certified data wiping solution, without the headaches, effort, and costs associated with degaussing and destroying HDDs. Plus, you can reuse your hard drive.

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The Safest, Greenest Way To Erase Your Data And Obtain A Certificate Of Audit.

Asset diagnostics and a certified data erasure platform that enables security teams to optimise asset management processes, while reducing operational and electronic waste throughout the data lifecycle.



Reduce Electronic Waste

With a certified erasure process that comes with a tamper-proof audit trail, you can sanitize every asset for reuse, resell or repurpose.

Fix Inefficiencies

Our flexible solutions integrate seamlessly into your current asset management process and have real-time support, removing barriers to a successful erasure.

Smart Licensing

Sanitize your assets with peace of mind. Unlike other data erasure providers, we only charge for successful erasures.

Manage Risk

Global asset visibility with centralized monitoring and management for quality control and certification management customized for your business needs.


With our certified and tested data erasure solution, you can feel confident in your data privacy. Erase any device, anywhere, at any time and always have access to our latest releases that have been thoroughly tested by a third party.


Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

We rely on Securaze solutions to securely, efficiently and certifiably delete all notebooks and smartphones no longer  used internally by A1 before they are recycled.

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Securaze has significantly simplified our handling of end-of-life technology. We can manage, centrally, how and when can we delete the data on any of our devices before they are recycled or refurbished.

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Through Securaze's solutions, we ensure a GDPR-compliant, certified, and secure erasure of all data on our IT equipment when it is end-of-life or replaced.

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Full secure data erasure, management, and diagnostic for all workplace devices.


Smartphone & mobile device-centric; secure data erasure, management, and diagnostic tool.


Simple & intuitive erasure experience. Erase user data without being onsite and gain time!


Manage your inventory using an intuitive smartphone app (Android & iOS), directly in-warehouse with offline capabilities

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